'I Can't Hear You' is a video/performance that explores existentialism, anxiety and the boundaries of public and private worlds

Video Performance, 2018. HD Video, 2mins 52 secs


You know that feeling, the one of that ever-lurking omnipresent existentialism?

It seems to be lurking around every corner these days and it’s definitely hanging around in my world. If it’s in my world then surely it’s in your world too because after we’re all in this together aren’t we? But what exactly is my world? I’m not entirely sure.

I think it might be similar to your world. I contemplate our world and this existentialism that seems to be everywhere. I look at our beautiful world and how it compares to that of my own private internal world. How do they fit together? A good question. Well, they are always constantly changing, altered and manipulated by those big existentialist ideas.

I need answers for our existence, but answers can make me feel anxious. But they can also make me feel relaxed, pushing me to find new ways of explaining the boundaries of the inner and outer worlds. They push and pull against each other – clashing like two giant tectonic plates and squeezing me out of the picture.

So I have to make things disappear, and some ideas might come back and others might vanish completely. Sometimes the best solution is even to make myself disappear completely – to vanish. I like this little piece of solitude, it is good, it is a place to contemplate this existentialist meaning. I like to disappear there, to make myself vanish completely.

Well, for a little while at least.


Show as part of 'Vanishing', group show (2020) at This Gallery