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a yellow type sign with a fork arrow and text, with grass, water and a swan in the background

'Turning Point' is a new work for 2018 by Glasgow based artist Alan Rutherford. It features works that have been installed on the campus of Stirling University. There are 8 works in total that are positioned around Airthrey Loch.  

Influenced by the recent mass migrations of people across Europe, the work places the image of a fork in the road at it's centre. The familiar language of the road sign becomes a signifier for both direction and journeys.

The symbol is used in conjunction with text that represents pseudo-destinations that are entirely non-geographical non-places. However, these places can still be entirely valid destinations and these destinations suggest narratives of movement, choices, aspirations, dreams and failures. The signs speak of a ‘call to action’ where people are challenged to make choices within conflicted and divided situations.

The pathways around the Loch and the rural nature of the campus provide an ideal setting to present the work. The environment sets the work within the context of movement, encounter and discovery, for the work can only be accessed and explored by foot.  

The work is on display during February.




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