Re-evaluating Spectacular Society (1999) - Dissertation. available to read on SCRIBD

Several perspectives - such as art, poststructuralism, postindustrialism andpostmodernism can be used to guide and direct the meaning of today's society towardsany number of desired locations. It is intended to therefore provide the reader with adebate that is both equally balanced with theoretical content and hypothetical analysis.The task of this essay will therefore be to discuss the major shift that has quickly takenplace from a society of industrial production during the situationists era of the 1960s, tothe information based networks of the 1990s. This shift has been described by FredricJameson, as the replacement of symbols which represent modernity, such as theautomobile and the freeway - for more technologically cultural icons, such as thecomputer and the Internet. It will therefore be attempted to explore today's information and media-based systems inrelation to previous models of production and manual dexterity. This will involve analyzingthe perspectives of Marx, the Situationist International (SI) and the work of Baudrillard.





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