'Not to be like them? 

Not to go with them? 

What makes us ? 

What makes them? 

Stay away from them! 

Stay with us !' 

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'Turning Point' is a new work for 2018 by Glasgow based artist Alan Rutherford. It features 8 signs that have been installed on the campus of Stirling University. Influenced by the recent mass migrations of people across Europe, the work places the image of a fork in the road at it's centre. The familiar language of the road sign becomes a signifier for both direction and journeys.

The symbol is used in conjunction with text that represents pseudo-destinations that are entirely non-geographical non-places. However, these places can still be entirely valid destinations and these destinations suggest narratives of movement, choices, aspirations, dreams and failures. The signs speak of a ‘call to action’ where people are challenged to make choices within conflicted and divided situations.